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One goal: to help people
live with dignity and respect in
the face of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

One Kenton Place - Alzheimers dementia care Toronto

Living with a purpose

One Kenton Place is a home where ‘life comes to people, and people come to life’. The people living at here have remarkable histories and life experiences to share. Although impacted by the effects of Alzheimer’s disease and/or dementia, we continue to see their potentials maximized. We’ve had people who came to One Kenton Place confined to a wheelchair, who are now walking again and more independent within a few weeks. Others who only spoke a word or two originally, now carrying on extended conversations. People regain independence and find themselves again here at One Kenton Place. An awakening and blossoming occurs.

One Kenton Place is a family and community. This is especially evident when children of a resident come to visit their parent, only to discover that their neighbour from 20 years ago, was also here living at Kenton. Each day brings new discoveries and connections and we are privileged to be a part it.

What is One Kenton Place? It’s a place of love, life, laughter and vibrancy. It’s a place of growth, learning and continuous development for those living, working and visiting within it. It’s a place where the uniqueness, dignity and spirit of the human soul is fostered, honoured and respected. It’s a place to live, not just a place to be.