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I know I’ve told you in person how great the team is at One Kenton. I was asked the other day what made the place so special and was able to immediately answer “It’s the people”. Trite but true! Over the last 3 months I have watched the staff deal with the ongoing special needs of your residents as well as a number of particularly challenging situations.

In every case I have been amazed by the the thoughtful, caring and professional way every member of the team deals with the individual needs of the residents. I am constantly amazed by your willingness to adjust your approach to suit each resident. I know when we were first looking at Mom moving in, both of you emphasized the degree of personal and individualized care we could expect. I thank all of you for delivering on that promise, everyone on the team puts Mom first with us as a family not far behind.

Having said how wonderful I find all of you, I have to tell you that one particular person really stands out among all your stars. My brother and sister-in-law have mentioned the wonderful Mahmooda several times to me emphasizing her uncanny ability to calm and soothe residents by knowing exactly what they need. Since I visit during the day, I had not met or encountered Mahmooda until last night. Unfortunately Mom was in a terrible state last night when she called me, in fact the worst yet. She was in her room with a staff member and was totally disoriented until Mahmooda arrived. At mom’s insistence Mahmooda talked to me, then spent only a few moments chatting to Mom and I couldn’t believe how quickly Mom stopped crying and started to calm down. Her calm, caring, matter of fact approach made Mom feel safe almost immediately. In fact, after a few more minutes on the phone Mom wanted to know if I had everything I needed ….as if I was the one who was upset and called her.

This is just one incident among many and I wanted to make sure you know how much we appreciate the care you give my Mom. I would be remiss if I closed without thanking your management team, including the 2 of you (Ruth & Esther), Danielle, Frank and Eric who deals with all my wacky questions. Not only do you ensure Mom is happy, you always treat me with all of my questions and concerns wonderfully.

Pam Cuber

It has been quite a whirlwind of a week. My mom is settling in at One Kenton Place and the family and I are hopeful that she continues to feel comfortable and well taken care of.  Esther and Ruth have both been delightful and extremely helpful. I had dinner there with my mom and met the chef Frank who went out of his way to get to know mom and her likes and dislikes. The salmon was delicious. I’m going home tomorrow feeling sad but peaceful at the same time.

Pauline Elias

Thank you everyone for making my mother’s birthday party so wonderful. I was surprised at every turn to see such care taken to ensure she had a good time. Danielle, the decorations took a great deal of effort and was truly appreciated. You coordinated everything so well. My mother was waiting comfortably, without being anxious. Believe me this was a first for me. In the past it was always stressful to get my mother willing to participate. I arrived to find everything possible had be done and ready. Efraim, the food was beyond expectations. Coffee, Tea, various drinks. The fruit plate was lovely and devoured by a surprise attendance of my mother’s 2 teenage Great Grandchildren. The cake was beautiful and delicious. Esther, the support staff were amazing and as always, someone was there to help mum with anything she needed. Eric, it is always a pleasure to be greeted by you at the front desk. Thank you for ushering my family members to the right place. Also, this was the first chance for some of our family to see mum’s new home. They were all impressed. They were pleased to see her so comfortable. Thank you all!

Mary Wunch

I am so happy and impressed with ONE KENTON PLACE! My mother is my mother again!! I can’t remember the last time I have seen my mother happy, relaxed, walking, exercising, singing and talking. The place is amazing. The people are so pleasant, professional, helpful and friendly. It’s only been a week and my sister and I see such a wonderful difference! It’s been a bit of an adjustment, but all for the good!! I LOVE IT THERE!! I’m so happy my sister and I made this decision. Thanks again.

Brenda Horenfeldt

I was looking for a retirement home for my elderly father and was getting frustrated with how difficult it was and how many homes suffered from a variety of deficiencies. The moment I got in touch with Esther, the Director of Care at One Kenton Place, I knew that this was going to be different. She readily agreed to meet me at the home on a Sunday. Once there, I was impressed by how nice the place was, I mean physically – spacious, attractive furniture (associated more with a resort rather than a long-term facility), meals served on real china on tables covered with cloth tablecloths and most of all, residents treated with utmost respect and kindness by the staff. After taking me around, Esther not only drove me to Mount Sinai where my father was hospitalized but, unlike most other people working for long-term facilities who read nursing notes, she actually met my dad and greeted him like an old friend. My dad who was usually wary of new people immediately felt a connection with her, he even let her help with getting dressed. Once he came to One Kenton Place, I noticed that all the staff was like that – friendly and caring.

Jaroslava Halper, MD, PhD

My mother Bernice Greene died on Friday October 16th. She died in her bedroom at One Kenton Place receiving palliative care from a doctor and the magnificent Esther Grinsaft. I want it to be known that without Esther, my mother’s death would have been so very different. My mother hated hospitals and with careful planning, Esther and I were able to let her die in a place where she was comfortable and loved. It is difficult to find the words at this time to let you know how special a woman Esther is. To me she has become the very definition of ‘gutene shuma” a good soul. She didn’t just care for my mother – she loved my mother as her very own – she made sure during the last week and a half of my mother’s life that she was as comfortable as possible, she administrated medicine, she washed her body, her face, she held her hand, she plumped her pillows, she brushed her hair, she calmed her, she talked to her, she even sang to her with me! Esther treated my mother with dignity and such love. One Kenton was a wonderful place for my mother, the last year and a half of her life… and I know that’s because Esther Grinsaft is the Head of Care.

Janice Greene

My sister and I want to thank you for the beautiful brunch today. Our father moved into One Kenton Place just 1-1/2 weeks ago on a stretcher, unable to walk or feed himself. This week, we had brunch with him and yesterday my sister saw that he is starting to do some assisted walking. He is so well cared for and even though the transition has been hard for him as he is dealing with a lot of confusion, we have felt supported the whole time by the whole staff and obviously, particularly by Esther. We look forward (in the next week or so) to supporting the set-up of a small art studio with supplies at One Kenton Place. As well, one of my teachers has volunteered to do some lessons. Our student council will be coming to Kenton to sing for the residents next week.
Be well and thank you.

Brenda Stein Dzaldov, Ph.D., OCT

My Mom has been a resident of One Kenton Place for about two years. The administration and staff are very warm, caring, diligent and professional in every way. Members of our family consider ourselves very fortunate to have the peace of mind, on a daily basis, that Mom is being taken care of in the best possible way. I wish One Kenton Place a great deal of success, as they perform an invaluable service to the community.

Tom Furst