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This concept is especially relevant as we approach Rosh Hashanah. We are now reaching the eighteenth day of Elul, “Chai Elul.” This day is the first of the final twelve days of Elul, leading up to a new year of the Jewish calendar. Each of these twelve days symbolizes one month, and as such, affords us the opportunity to reflect on our actions during that month, on what we have accomplished and how we can improve in the coming year.

As I once heard someone say, life is like riding an escalator going down. If we don’t keep moving, learning, growing, increasing, we will inevitably fall. No matter how far we’ve come, there is always another level to reach, another mountain to scale.

One Kenton Place has come a long way indeed. From developing strong and fruitful partnerships with community agencies such as The Alzheimer’s Society and DANI, to taking on new and innovative projects such as our well received trial with Ludwig the robot and the utilization of our cutting-edge internal GPS system, Versus, there has been no shortage of growth and excitement at One Kenton Place. The true measure of our success, however, has been the fact that we’ve been running at full capacity with every suite in the home filled.

One Kenton Place was designed to be a community leader in Alzheimer’s and Dementia care, and exceptional Dementia care is what we deliver day in and day out.

It’s easy, sometimes, to feel content with how far we’ve come and how much mastery we’ve attained, to give ourselves a congratulatory pat on the back, stretch out our arms, pop open our recliners, and bask in the delightful glow of our accomplishments – but that’s only a reflection of our yesterdays and we still have the challenge of many new tomorrows.

To some extent, we should feel proud of what we’ve achieved and the journey we’ve embarked on. One Kenton Place’s story really does illustrate how far we’ve come, in a very short time, but it also shines a light on the fact that we have a bright future ahead of us, focused on excellent and compassionate care, innovation and overall comfort for our residents and their families.

Wishing you and your families a Shannah Tova U’Metuka!



Ruth Dayan has almost two decades of experience working in the healthcare industry, with a special focus in Alzheimer’s and Dementia care. Her experience spans across all sectors of healthcare, including the management and day-to-day operations of two large Long Term Care homes. Ruth is a certified Long Term Care Administrator. She also holds certifications in Quality Improvement Facilitation, Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care (Montessori, GPA, Hush no Rush) and Lean Principles.