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First 100 Days

Our thorough on-boarding program follows a personalized resident-centered care approach to encourage a smooth transition.


Pre-residency visits are offered so that your loved one can become familiar with life at One Kenton Place. You and your loved one can participate in welcome events and introduction programs to meet other residents and staff.

During the first few days, we conduct medical, diet, cognitive, participative and fall risk assessments. We also take the time to get to know your loved one’s life experiences, family history, as well as their interests and passions. We offer a variety of life skill and leisure program opportunities. If someone is fond of music, plays an instrument or loves chess, we hone in on those interests to help make them feel at home.

In-suite furniture is arranged so that it’s similar to the layout of their family home. Meaningful items such as photos, artwork, mementoes and memory boxes are placed in the suite to help create a familiar environment. Residents are also provided with table assignments with other residents so that they can make friends and connections early in the process.

We maintain open and ongoing communication with family members and provide regular updates on progress. Residents are encouraged to continue visits to their family home for short stays, special meals and occasions.