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Daily Life at One Kenton Place


A wide variety of programs and activities are offered to meet the interests and needs of our residents. Activities and programs are assessed and evaluated on a regular basis. Ideas for new programs are welcomed and the schedule is amended and enriched as new ones are introduced.

The daily responsibilities/needs that we handle

Our team is fully trained to assist residents in all of their activities of daily living and life skills. Whether extra support and care is required surrounding meals, hygiene care, dressing or social tasks, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! External services and specialty care resources can also be accessed through the many organizations with whom we have partnerships and previous experience with.

A sample day

Although no day is ‘typical’ and like the other, the structure of a general day at One Kenton Place would be as follows:
A day for the residents at One Kenton Place starts right after a delicious kosher breakfast prepared by our kitchen staff. Our residents may choose to attend our “Food for the Soul” program, which is filled with singing, or take part in our “Morning Schmooze,” where we have an interactive music program with instruments and singing. We then have our “Music and Movement” or “Let’s Get Moving” exercise programs, which take place simultaneously on 2 floors, where we keep the residents engaged with a range of activities such as a seated exercise class, dance class, ball exercises, and balloon tennis. After our exercises, our residents settle down to a nice lunch and have time to relax with a cup of tea or coffee in one of the lounges until the next segment of the day.

In the afternoons at One Kenton Place, we offer a variety of social programs. Our residents may take part in song circles, or play group games such as Family Feud, Bingo, Jeopardy, ‘Name That Tune,’ or try their luck on the ‘Wheel of Destiny’. We are happy to welcome special guest performers and hold a musical concert at least once a month. We are big believers in the social aspect of care. For residents that need more one-on-one care, we can adapt our regular programs to involve individual or small group activities that focus on cognitive and motor skills. We tailor the programs for each person’s likes, interests and abilities and examples include baking, art, reading, sorting, puzzles, knitting and other sensory activities. We are fortunate to have a therapy dog program with multiple animals and their owners that attend One Kenton Place. Our residents love interacting with the dogs and their owners and the room lights up with energy and joy when our furry friends are here.

As the day winds down, our residents have a fully catered dinner lovingly prepared by our kitchen staff. After dinner, we hold evening programs where our residents enjoy a variety of activities such as live music, trivia games, and/or individual activities that complement those in the afternoon.

We are always open to new ideas, volunteers and donations to our Programs Department.