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We recognize that providing care for people suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia come with challenges.


Residents are assessed for mobility and arrangements are made with the family to acquire necessary assistive devices and aides. We encourage residents to maximize mobility through regular exercise programs and movement throughout the home during the course of each day.


Every individual is unique, with their own set of values, needs and wants. We encourage people to express themselves and understand that sometimes maladaptive behaviours are present. With your guidance in providing historical background information, our team will ascertain what the behaviour is and attempt to communicate to get to the root of the issue. Although we have access to medical and pharmacological interventions, psychotropic and other mood altering medications are only used at the direction of our attending physician after extensive consultation with the resident’s family and support network, and only as a last resort when all other modalities tried have been unsuccessful. Exhibiting behaviours in and of themselves is not reason enough to employ chemical or other forms of restraints. At One Kenton Place, we follow a zero restraint policy.


As our home’s exits are secured and can only be opened with pre-programmed swipe cards, residents can safely explore the areas of the home. Further, a monitoring ‘versus’ system has been installed throughout the residence permitting staff members to identify and maintain full awareness of where and for how long any given individual (including other staff members) are located within the home. Emergency call buttons as well as pull chains are also utilized that when deployed, signal staff of the need for assistance. Common areas and main hallways are fitted with closed circuit cameras as a further safety measure. The freedom of movement, and not being confined to any one wing or area of the home distinguishes our building from many other residences that offer memory care programs.


Meals are important as proper nutrition is an essential component to good overall health and general sense of well-being. Upon initial residency and regularly thereafter, dietary assessments are conducted by our Culinary Director with the input of our Care Director and other team members. We will ensure that the nutritional requirements of each individual are attended to and will provide nourishment in the manner which can easily be eaten by the resident. Swallowing assessments are also conducted where necessary and adaptive devices and implements can be introduced to assist with making eating a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. Our Culinary Director will adapt the freshly prepared in-house cooked meals for the needs of each resident. Special diets (i.e. gluten free, low sodium, dietetic, nutritional supplements etc.) are provided as one needs. In general, mealtimes are used as a means for satiating the need for socialization, sensory and cognitive stimulation and not merely to satisfy appetite.

Toileting or Incontinence

Toileting and if required, incontinence programs are incorporated into the resident’s daily routines. We believe in maintaining one’s dignity and sense of self-respect. Our nursing and personal support staff will also endeavour to re-establish bowel and/or bladder function where the skills have declined as a result of the disease or aging process. Incontinence supplies are available and can be purchased by the family through our suppliers or privately by the family through their own sources.

Diabetic Care

Our nursing team has access to specialized products and services to meet the health and medical needs of those who are diabetic. Close supervision and monitoring can help stabilize and prevent the diabetic person’s disease from worsening. Included in this is key focus on one’s diet and exercise routine. Related to this is access to specialized wound care services via the CCAC and doctor referrals.

Beyond Medical Care

We utilize a rounded approach to care. We recognize that pills are not a panacea for everything. We will work with the family to coordinate and access in-residence or external visits to a variety of other health professionals to ensure each resident living at One Kenton Place reaches their full health and well-being potential. So long as not deemed harmful to the person, and in consultation with our attending physician, we can work with the family to incorporate other traditional as well as non-traditional or alternative therapies that may be desired into the care plan.