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Assessment Program

During an in-home assessment, a specialist will visit your home to determine if your loved one is a fit for our facility. At the session, we learn as much as possible about your loved one and the level of assistance that is required. We understand that the decision is a tough one to make and can be filled with emotion. We provide support through every step of the process – by assisting on the day of the move and offering counselling for family members.

If we find that your loved one is not quite ready for our facility, we work with you to establish an estimated timeline and a plan for ‘when the time comes.’ We provide guidance to in-home care and work with you in advance so when it is time, you will be comfortable having your family member join our home.

We consider the in-home assessment program a huge leap forward in the integration process for your loved one. This is another of our forward thinking techniques which makes our home unique.