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People look at themselves in the mirror every day. Perhaps while getting dressed, brushing their teeth, doing their hair and getting ready to go about their day. But what about businesses? How often does an organization collectively take a look in the mirror, and what does it do with what it sees in its reflection?

In our case at One Kenton Place, our team has always known that what we do as a specialized Retirement Home for people living with dementia makes us different from other Retirement Homes, and certainly from Long-Term Care facilities. But how could we explain it clearly to our customers, new employees or community partners in a way that’s easy to understand?

Often when a business wants to define itself in this way, the best place to start is to create a Mission, Vision & Values. These statements are meant to express who you are, what you strive to be and how you intend to reach those goals. In some companies, they end up in a picture frame gathering dust on a wall somewhere in the office or as a blurb on the website. To organizations that embrace them, they can be guiding principles that impact daily decision-making, and also serve as a commitment to the community, of the organization’s high standards to which it holds itself.

The exercise to create One Kenton Place’s Mission, Vision & Values began recently with a brainstorming session for the management team. Two things became instantly clear: we were all passionate about One Kenton Place and there were many different ideas about what sets us apart. For some it was the care that we provide, for others it was the social programs. Or was it the physical building? Or the cultural flavour? After much discussion, debate and self-reflection, we were able to agree on what it is that truly defines us. We are proud to present the brand new Mission, Vision & Values for One Kenton Place. This is our commitment to our residents and their loved ones, our employees and community partners.

Shael Simon
Eldercare Consulting Inc.