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The Celebration of Esther

You must sense some confusion on my part with the coming Chanukah Holiday since Esther is always associated with the Purim Holiday. Actually at One Kenton Place every day is a celebration of Esther. Perhaps she doesn’t reach the same heroic stature and recognition of Biblical Esther, nonetheless she is our true unsung hero(ine).

At first meeting the Director of Care, she presents herself as a warm, empathetic modest orthodox woman with a smile in her eyes. Her friendly and pleasant demeanor masks the underlying tenacity for resident rights, and advocacy for excellent care. Her role includes the stewardship of staffing, training and educating the employees. She has created a culture within the home in which all the employees have attitudes and approaches to care that have resulted in the highly skilled, customized and individualized delivery of a resident-centered care platform coined “Kenton Care.” An excerpt from a family testimonial will tell the tale far better than I can express …

“It is difficult to find the words at this time to let you know how special a woman Esther is. To me she has become the very definition of ‘gutene shuma’, a good soul. She didn’t just care for my mother – she loved my mother as her very own – she made sure during the last week and a half of my mother’s life that she was as comfortable as possible, she administered medicine, she washed her body, her face, she held her hand, she plumped her pillows, she brushed her hair, she calmed her, she talked to her, she even sang to her with me! Esther treated my mother with dignity and such love.”

Her altruism knows no bound and whether she is spending time on the phone with caregivers and providing tele-counseling about community resources or sharing strategies to deal with the enormous challenges of a family member dealing with cognitive impairment, or doing in-home assessments of prospective residents and comforting stressed family members, she is our ambassador of kindness and care who is tirelessly energized and guided by her belief in “Hashem.”

Make it a point to visit us at One Kenton Place and chat with Esther and “Share the Warmth.”

Manny Simon                                                                                                                                                                                             President                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Eldercare Equities Inc.