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For people with dementia, loneliness can be one of the most common and painful effects.

Over time, the ability of a person with dementia to communicate may become worse, and interactions that once seemed to come so easily may be more difficult.

As a caregiver or family member of the person living with the dementia, you may feel like the fun activities you once did together are now a distant memory. However, it’s not for lack of trying on the part of the caregiver. We’re wired to do the same things with them that they once enjoyed, and gently encourage our loved one to partake in those activities…reading a book, watching a movie, going for a drive. Except rather than getting a positive reaction, we’re sometimes met with frustration or worse, indifference.

In my role as Executive Director at One Kenton Place, an Alzheimer’s & Dementia retirement home, family members regularly express similar frustrations to me. “Mom was a voracious reader, now I give her a book and she stares at the same page for an hour”. “Dad, doesn’t play with his grandchildren anymore, in fact, he gets angry at them when they get a little excited”. Or, the one I hear the most often… “We have around the clock caregivers, and they’re wonderful people, but aside from assisting with the activities of daily living, they don’t engage my mom/dad in any meaningful activities”.

Not alone, but lonely and socially isolated, so what can you do?

Think about the person’s interests and design an activity around it. Activities that reinforce past roles and achieve something physically can have a positive impact. Think about even simple tasks such as dusting or folding the washing, kneading dough for baking, or drying dishes. These kinds of activities can help people feel a sense of achievement and encourage family bonds. At One Kenton Place, our main goal is to improve the quality of life of our residents and elevate their dignity. Not only do we keep our residents constantly engaged in meaningful activities, we are also privileged to watch our residents experience remarkable transformations.

With engaging activities, personalized care and leadingedge treatments, One Kenton Place provides the best of everything for your loved one living with dementia.

Ruth Dayan
Executive Director
One Kenton Place